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on authorized, kind -- in humane techniques were used. >> the program has to have rules. you cannot have people who are freelancing. >> it says that khalid sheikh mohammad was waterboarded. while questioning a man that plotted an attack, investigators used a gun and a powerl gir and implied his mother would be sexually assaulted. >> it shows an agency that was entirely out of control, and it was out of control by design. >> the details of the report prompted the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor. >> he decided it was extreme and off and he was troubled by some of the past investigations and thought they did not look into it thoroughly enough. >> the investigator is believed never to have lost a court case. >> he will not allow politics to influence the investigation. >> today the cia director said he will stand up for those who followed the guidelines at the time. >> anybody who conducted actions that were sanctioned should not be prosecuted. the decision on who should be prosecuted are up to the attorney-general. >> one cia official is quoted in this reported seen 10 years from
with the students that came before us. >> penelope gross says her vote to allow the expansion was because of the zoning matters. >> we do not have the authority to make a decision on the base of ethics, or anything like that. we do not do that for parochial schools. >> supervisor gross believes this decision to approve the expansion will improve the quality of life because it will lead to improvements in infrastructure. repeated efforts to contact school officials have proved unsuccessful. >>> according to their website, the school was founded in 1984. it currently has two campuses. the school's main campus is in alexandria. >>> police have a woman in believe shee they stabbed a man at union station. a spokesperson says it is not clear if the attack happened on a train or a platform. the victim was taken to washington hospital center. >>> a d.c. antiques collector onsle i trviagoued after someone ol collection o fsilver om his home. it was taken from the home at the intersection of ninth and westminster streets in northwest. >>> reid taliban is a silver appraiser -- reed donovan is er.ve
the restrictions. meteorologist steve ruden has been tracking bill. he joins us with the latest developments. >> scott, wee been watching hurricane bill here all weekend long. now it's really beginning to pick up steam, just barely a hurricane as of 11:00. winds of 75 miles per hour. but look at the speed, the movement around 4540 miles per hour. it's going to make landful and will strike st. john within the next couple of hours. clmpteat resmpht aigre now holding in t g in tinhe 70s. 75 in fairfax. tesaite an radteadar shows a ar huge area of high pressure west. sunshine, lower humidity level and looked like it's going to stick around for some time. details looking at the extended outlook and your schoolweek forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. d.c. students head back to school tomorrow, but some parents are worried the schools won't be ready when the opening bell rings. today renovations and preparations were still taking place at three schools including bur ows elementary in northeast. the work is part of the district's school modernization program. officials say the doors will be ope
's supposed to help raise awaress to the situation and also getting the u.s. involved, showing that their interests is a good thing. >> but not everyone agrees, webb held a meeting with myanmar leader and critics say that value dates the hundred tae of abusing people. >> and thanks to the cash for cluckers program the car maker is going to be making more of the hybrid vehicles. the boost in production will help dealers restock their show room. production is 18% higher than a year ago and sales are up 2.4% over last year. well, if you're planning on taking metro this week you'd better leave earlier. repairs ton lines. red line trains will not serve the fort toin' station. trains will single track between vienna and westphals church and the other trains will turn around at falls church. and the dulles toll road the metropolitan authority wants to raise tolls to pay for the extension by 25 cents. you can attend one of three public meetings or visit the authority's website. new at 11:00 tonight, sts ring out in the d.c. neighborhood. seven people wounded in theirnfv sgue whnfh migh
tonight. thanks for watching. i'm elizabeth vargas. >> i'm john stossel for all of us at abc news, we're in touch so you be in touch. all the time at abcnews.com. good night. >>> storm watch, a night under a tornado warning with lightning and flooding. we will get a look at the strongest arms rolling through our area. new details on the atm robberies caught on tape. the and the story you have to see to believe. a high-speed chase involving ago. >>> live, and an hd. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> we begin tonight on storm watch. much of the region r much of the evening dealt with rain, hail, lightning, and tornado warnings. we have more. >> a tornado warning followed by severe weather had people across montgomery county scrambling for cover. heavy rain pounded the metro area. it took some of the hardest pummeling. >> you know, with all the rain and stuff. dodge they planned a fun night at the montgomery county fair. they got more freight than fun when they learned about tornado warnings. >> l.a. was helping me stay calm. -- and the lady was he
this evening and more stages are in store. doug hill now with more of that for us and the forecast. doug? >> leon, the latest from the weather center is the worst of heat and humidity is behind us. it's muggy out there tonight but toioigh temperatures g take a break for the next several days. live start with superdoppler 7 radar. showers out there, light and east of town. erbowie andowe ov then down through prince george's county just to the southeast of college pardoer wn through largo. that'stabout i locally for the showers andmsorst.or but a little farther to the north and west wedo ve some more rain coming across western thisand, partf o slow-moving storm front. get a expa ot a good look at the front, with showers lined up from western maryland, all the way back to west virginia and tennessee. you see the motion mainly west to east and it looks like anhing that we have overnight will be basically in the formofa scattered light rainshowers. the heavy duty weather should stouthea, lien, they'rehso esurilstli eyen, thli're guill warm, oaugust and it'sauh stgu a and it'srees reportl at
thanks for watching. i'm john stossel. and for elizabeth vargas and all of us at abc news, we're in touch so you'll be in touc'll bi >>> a serial burglar targets fairfax county. >> it doesn't matter how much insurance -- >> and ups that family talks with abc 7. -- and up said family talks with abc 7. and hillary clinton like you have never seen her before. it is comfortable tonight, but the blast furnace is about to erupt. the weekend forecast you can't mess. -- miss. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> we begin tonight with a health alert. right now, a prominent member of the kennedy family is an critical condition. richard is live with more on the impact she has had throughout our area. >> caroline, that is right. this is the woman who had a brother who was the u.s. president, three of her brothers were u.s. senators, and remain mission in life was to help others. >> from the massachusetts hospital, she is surrounded by family. tothe potomac maryland committee that she calls home. >> she was pretty failed -- f rail we attended the event. >> i
have a voice in the u.s. senate, it will be for the democratic platform that provides health care! >> he forged deep, lasting, and lasting friendships with political conservatives. and he gave his word and kept his word. we became very good friends. >> his life was not without tragedy and disappointment, including his failed presidential bid 30 years ago and the dark day in 1969 when he drove his car into a pond on chappaquiddick island, killing a female passenger. his was a life of battles that forever changed a family and the nation. longtime friend joe biden today spoke with kennedy's widow. >> i was talking to 50 this morning and he said, she said, -- i was talki to vicki this morning and she said, he was ready to go, joe, but we're not ready to let him go. >> his colleagues said they will commit themselves even more health care reform. he is survived by his wife, vicki, and five children. >> tomorrow and friday, he will lie in repose at the john f. kennedy memorial museum in boston. a ceremony will take place at our lady of perpetual help basilica, which had special meaning f
arrived and evacuated the area. a large perimeter has been closed off. authorities will not let us get close enough to get a shot of the this grow -- of the destroyed postal box. they're using radiation detectors to detect possible nuclear material o. there are questions as to why this mailbox is exploded. this is quite an explosion. we are easily seven blocks away from where this occurred. neighbors tell us they definitely heard it and felt it. we're live in northeast washington. >>> outrage from the estranged wife of marion barry. tonight cora masters-perry spoke with us after learning she may be getting evicted from the tennis center that she founded. we are live outside that facility. >> people in the neighborhood of this center are stunned, including cora masters-barry, who said the notice came without warning or read it -- or reason. >> i am hartke. >> -- i am hurt. >> she was told she has 30 days to get out the center that she created. >> this is the reason i get up in the morning. when the division came to me when this was just rocky soil with hypodermic needles. >> she turned
, even if it takes us all day. >> a final goodbye for another kennedy. >> not too long ago, the president hand delivered a letter for ted kennedy to the pope. the contents of the letter weren't known until tonight. there was a letter back from the vat can to senator kennedy. he had written that he had tried live the life of a good catholic and would like to have the wonderful good graces before he passed away. the pope wrote back that was something he would gladly grant and he hoped his final days would be peacel ones. as the motor kayed made their way through the streets of d.c., they waited for howers until the motor kayed passed by. family members rolled down the windows of their cars. >> thousands of people waited four hours outside arlington national cemetery to pay their respects. >> even though tonight's historic burial was closed to the public, thousands stopped to catch a look. many a tonnished, shocked to be here for this moment. >> slowly going across the bridge and on to the grounds. i was fortunate to have a chance to meet him twice a few years ago. i can only say he was a cl
. the east coast prepares to get slammed by hurricane bill. >> it's exciting for all of us. we're so excited. >> and the "extreme makeover home edition" descends on a local neighborhood with plans to transform a home. but that's just the beginning. abc 7 news news at 11:00 starts now. >> we're on storm watch tonight. the storm dumped nearly three dumped nearly three inches of rain in some areas. steve what can you tell us? >> today we have some good news on the way. the flash flood warning for rundell county and cal berth ty unco has now beenun cancelled but they do remain uer a flash flood htcor ana and rundell county. doppler radar shows the showers mong off toward the north and east. look at theseprm isiesve idnight've hadidght wed had5 3.5 inches ou rain in rain inha s sdyidrye. t ab751.or f s oxenhill, for lakerser and 1 ininowntinown d.c. latest update on hurricane bill as of 11:00. maximum winds right now 7 miles per hour, downgraded to a -- 87 miles per hour per hour. quickly moving off to the north-northeast at 25 miles per hour. it's not going to affect the mainland united states
they learned about the problem a day after the crash. the crash occurred on march 2 when the driver used an emergency brake to avoid hitting the other train. >>> scattered shower are popping up but is there a chance for more overnight? that is the question we posed to chief meteorologist doug hill. >> chaee sll will seeweho r r shower igovern.ht let's check out the numbers. .it is a st 68 hencster. warr meinnc wmein the metro egioegrn 72 in s tafford. ivlsupeivr doppler 7 radar is showing usweho srs and a couple of rumbles of tnder. tyouge dowgen into western sections of howard unty, some heavr urwniepos. they are drifngou sth ou more of that overnight. our storm scan shows that there are a few more storms across havana that are southward. most of the action has moved off of the eastern shore. a typical august night. what are our rain chances? we will answer that in a few minutes. >>> the average, frustration, and confusion to overhaul the health-care system shows no sign of slowing down. hundreds pack more town hall meetings like this one hosted by an oregon congressman paid in our ar
to the warm embrace of family. this gives us a glimpse into the lives of euna lee and laura ling, the american journalists finally free after months in prison in north korea. only one day prior, their fortunes swung like a pendulum. they went from facing 20 years of hard labor to coming face-to- face with former president bill clinton, who flew to p'yongyang to secure their release. >> we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> we're learning through their captivity, they were separated and were given meals with rice and rocks. about a little bit that she was able to recount about her experience has been challenging to hear. >> how does it feel to be home? >> it feels so good. >> the journalists were captured while on assignment. tonight, their network celebrated. >> we would like to share with you some of their tapes. >> as we continued our tort, the shadow of the military dictators seemed to be lightening. >> the work on stories that exposed an oppressive regimes, not unlike the one that took perilously close of taking away their freedom.
>> reporter: that's our program for tonight, for all of us, good night. captions paid for by abc, inc. captions by vitac >>> you don't like it? >> don't curse at me. >> chaos erupts at another town hall meeting on health care reform. president obama's plan faces off against skeptics. the traumatic experience of the childleft alone at school. and the action taken after the boy s found at the stoight. and terror at day care. what could possibly a provoke demands that a 2-year-old girl and her nanny? stunned neighbors react as the gruesome scene unfolds. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- a town hall meeting on health care reform and erupted into a fierce face-off. the issue pitted supporters and opponents against each other tonight. we're joined with more. >> several thousand people showed up for a town hall meeting which became more of a battle over health care reform. the crowd exploded in cheers and condemnations repeatedly. >> i support president obama's health care plan. >> with those words, opponents sprang to their feet, turning the town hall m
and admits to us tonight, the fighter metro employee, and that he did keep a woman against her will inside his boss last month, but he said he only did it because he was waiting toile a police report, and tonight, he is out of a job, and he says metro let him down. three weeks after being arrested and kidnapping and metro rider, michael robinson has been fired. he claims he was the victim on july 25 during an argument with a female passenger over the bus schedule. the woman started snapping photographs of him. that is when she claims he would not let her off of the bus. he claims she got irate. >> she took pictures. i followed procedures. i called the central zations -- communications. it took one hour for them to show up. >> he was fired along with others. another was a nine-year it bus operator arrest for driving with a suspended license after an accident. some commuters we spoke with and i had a different idea. >> maybe they deserve to be getting a second chance. >> both were paid during 18 internal investigation. -- during an internal investigation. michael robinson said he was u becau
. >> i think that's a great idea. >> does everybody like the upgrade? >> use my e-mail. >> and weeks after michael jackson death, what he wants the world to know. >> we begin tonight with a disturbing sex scandal valving a prison william county teacher, scd just days before classes are heledod begin. annonn patterson inappropriately touched one student. we spent the evening in prince william county. we have new reaction on this disturbing case. >> the teacher is in jail without bond, and on unpaid leave from his middle school. he is accused of having inappropriate contact withwo 15-year-old boys foronths. >> police allege shannon patterson had inappropriate sexual contact with a 15-year-old student from november of 2008 to july of 2009. authorities say during that time period the 32-year-old language arts teacher was sending sexually explicit text messages to another 15-year-old student. now patterson is behind bars and on unpaid leave from work. >> makes me mad. i see it on tv all the time. >> he has another son going into seventh grade is troubled. >> it's one of those issues. i ju
. look at the satellite and radar combinion. belfort ffurniture hiather center, the high pressu i of us an ttofdus and d anidumw air arnd humid air to ealo t ar okea. ate at thes at teatmpureres. 880 degrees in leesburg. 82 for fairfax. icfr0 mied deee a hek rrow at 12g :toinrrmoow at 12ow0 noon. it ncludes theit, aexalndriirfa fad prce george's, andpr win thd ittig 10:00. at 10:0 what doethat mean? it means the heat index around 100-105 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. coming up,we will talk about the cooldown, when we can expect the cooler and drier air. it will be here fore we know it. renee? >> thank you, steve. we have some breaking news tonight. a metro worker has been struck seriously and injured at the vienna metro station. that worker was doing track maintenance when he was hurt. it happened just over an hour ago. right now, there's no orange line service between vienna and west falls church. shuttle bus service is being set up right now. we'll have more information on this breaking news as soon as it becomes available. >> now returning to our top story, people who braved the sw
believe that the crooks are using this metro tunnel to their advantage, hiding behind the walls and waiting for commuters to walk by. there have been 17 attacks this year, and the police believe more have been calling -- more have gone unreported. it is among the top 10 most dangerous stations in the region. a recent rash ofviolence is proving why. metro transit police says that the 17 assaults and robberies have been reported. >> i will be more careful. at 8 attacks have occurred since early july and the tories believe some attacks are going unreported because some victims are undocumented workers. the state labor said the feet -- that these first asked for $5. he is terrified of being recognized on tv. he says he was recently assaulted by a group of men. they robbed me, he says. one guy held me down while two others went through my pocket. they took my cell phone and wallet. he says a number of his friends have been attacked as well. the police are fighting back with a new technique. >> we have plainclothes officers out there observing the activity and posing as decoys, and of
the things he would have done, for us, for each other, and our country. a >> friends, colleagues, family members honor the memory of the lion of the senate. local people make plans to pay their respects to senator kennedy as he is moved to his final resting place at arlington national cemetery. tropical storm hanna continues to move to the north and we're tracking its progress and reach -- tropical storm danny. >>> tomorrow, senator edward kennedy will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. tonight, people gathered to pay their trute to his life and legacy. caroline lyders has more on the emotional tribute. >> after the public said goodbye to the senator, tonight family and friends remember the man they called teddy. >> ♪ god bless america >> it was a celebration of life that mirrored the life that he led, music, laughter, family. >> he taught by example and with love. he showed us how to keep going, to love each other, no matter how mad we got, and keep working for what we believe in. his niece and nephew, children of his brother killed by assassins, spoke of him as a father.
morning, sonar will be used to locate the plane. this occurred just south of where a u.s. airways flight landed after being struck by a flight of birds just months ago. >> john, thanks. here are more details on liberty tours, the company that owned the helicopter. two years ago a liberty helicopter fell 500 feet during a sightseeing trip. the pilot was credited with safely landing the chopper in the hudson and evacuating her seven passengers. in 1997, a helicopter made an emergency landing after a rotor clipped a building. no one was hurt. two people died in a small plane crash in maryland this morning. the plane went down in a corn field in carroll county just minutes after taking off from the keymar airport. 61-year-old robert kasiemba and 66-year-old letty williams were killed in the crash. the airport owner said that kasiemba flew from the air strip two or three times a week and had rented hangar space there for about four years. federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash. sonia sotomayor made history today becoming the first hispanic on the u.s. supreme cou
in about 10 years. many people tell us they just weren't ready for it. this sound has become all too familiar here in ijamsville. chainsaws echo for miles. >> i will tell you. there is one thing you can't deal with, is nature. she is going to have her way. >> on this steamy saturday, tornado-stricken residents are exhausted. >> splitting fire wood. hey, this is not a clean job. >> the national weather service has confirmed that a tornado did touchdown here in fred wick county. >> this caved in, and it has to be replaced rfments kevin is mostly wored about his house, that was -- worried about his house. >> through the apple tree, through the roof. one end of the roof was ripped off. one window was busted in. >> most residents have their power back tonight, but the hundreds of trees aren't going anywhere fast. >> there is really nothing you can say to describe it. >> this area experienced winds around 100 miles per hour. she and her boyfriend mov into this home a week ago. tonight they are lucky to be alive. >> hid between the bathroom and fridge. then i watched this tree fall down. >>
shore maximumnds m s just around 50 miles per hour. our next stop will take us to stropcal storm bill. maxistmum winds at 70 miles per hour. by tomorrow morning we're expecting this to become our first named hurricane of the season. and this right here would be ma anna, what's left of anna. maximum sustained winds at 35 miles per hour could pick up a little bit of speed over the next 48 hours but it's looking like it's not going to be much of a factor. the big story will be bill. take a look at what's going on across the immediate area for tonight. partly cloudy skies, a little bit of patchy fog mainly to the west of d.c. temperatures fall to the upper 20 lower 70s. coming up we'll talk about the tropics and much more to tell and what's in our way in our seven-day outlook. >> we'll see in just a bit. meanwhile people living in our area are bracing for a summer score cher. the heat and humidity will climb tomorrow. more on folks trying to beat this heat. >> it was a day we definitely wanted to have a bottle of water. a lot of people told us this heat kind of snuck up on them and left
is a partisan probe. >> cheney says the harsh tactics were used to save lives after the september 11th attack. >> montgomery county students head back to class tomorrow. about 500 of those teachers are new to the system. there are nearly 138,000 students in the public schools. prince georges students return, the confusion over schedules should be cleared up. over 8,000 high school students didn't have a schedule. >> one person i doed, two regulars twooa bts two boats crk.ee d in a maryland thisap hpened near marchly, a42-year-old man and 1 ld dghauter were rescu. ed they were cliing to the hull of the boat. the person in the other boat was killed. or f tigators are looking gunman who s ahotnd killed a man steps from his silver springs home. the 63-year rankin was pronounced dead at the scene. officials say the area is a magnet for dominos games and loud parties. >> i don't step out unless i am going to the grocery store. investigators don't know if the incidents are connected to two other men that showed up at the hospital with gun shot wounds. >> this is the front grille of the toyota suv or
justice. >> a mystery around a missing u.s. pilot is over. >> the cashor clunker program may see new life. >> three years ago tonight, someone killed attorney robert on. a grue men is set out to find his killer. out side his house where he was found dead and a group of people have gathered tonight. today, they got here at 10:30. right about the time they believe the victim arrived here three years ago tonight. >> there are a gruche guys who lived a few blocks. tonight is the third anniversary of the murder of the man. a man none of them have ever met. >> we felt it was our civic duty. >> they formed the blog, who murdered robert on. they eachonate 15 hours a at week. >> the greatest tragedy is that he was murdered tonight. three years later, justice has been delayed. two years after onfrom virginia who was found fatally stabbed in this home, conspiracy and struction of justice and tampering charges have been charged against the three men who lived there. we didn't know robert or any of the defendants or principals. we can be pretty much fair and honest. the group is handing out fliers on
are on the atlantic as hurricane bill comes closer to us. this is after tropical storms caused a flooding. these are the latest picture we have nofrom panama city, florid. doug hill is tracking all the developments. >> there is no iication that hurricane bill will strike any part of united states. it appears likely to come close enough to the mid-atlantic coast to cause some large swells and ves. for now, the latest information, pee top winds close to 100 miles ii hurricane.g it a categoryii it could become a category iii as early as tomorrow and maintain that status until saturday. we will watch it very clo.ly on average, there is a 250 mile error in that. computer of where this b mhtigfihtvefi ds ayout. ets l's' go eos to home. os have ala fsh flood warningsh for shenandoah county for a ile. some storms and thunderstorms are diminishing. we will track that to see if the rain will make it closer to th metro area. a better chance for showers tomorrow afternoon. >>> abc7 has uncovered details about a string of fires targeting capitol hill. the number of cases has increased. the story was b
they pulled up at a store in a chapel oaks. they used tools, 1, a crowbar, and the other was a type of hydraulics tool. they took the cash, grabbed the pole, and got back in the truck and disappeared. the crime took less than one minute. >> are you serious? >> they just blew it and took the money and left? >> there were cuomers inside. and inside the gas station. to the thief it did not matter at all. as for the hydraulic tool, it was described to me as a small of jaws of life. that is the tool that firefighters used to cut people out of cars in accident scenes. there were no weapons displayed, but it is not known if they had any weapons on them. if you have information, you ar asked to calthe police. >>> now to president obama as he took center stage while trying to get liberals and conservatives to back his health-care plan. he tried to appeal to the worst from the radio today. >> let's see if we can get this done with consensus. i would love to have more republicans engaged and involved this process. >> the president stressed a bill will get done and denied accusations he has bee
prepare for it. nationwide insurance can use aerial pictures of our customers' homes. so after a storm, we can estimate repair costs and get you your money faster, sometimes before your neighbors even start their claims. i'm elizabeth stelzer, and i am on your side. ( elizabeth ) switch to nationwide insurance now. ( man ) call 1-877-nationwide. >>> a dinner wrong leads to a protest in montgomery county. at a lesbian couple was asked to leave and how the restaurant is responding. a disturbing death. tonight, the heart. for loved ones as investigators hit the streets. and falling support for the president and it is more than just health care. the other key issue at the center of concern. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> we begin tonight with heartbreak and anchor for theri. erwn w ohoas w fouerndwn o who d ouidofe wn his restaurant in northeast. jennifer donelan has more on what the detectives have learned. >> he was a father, husband, and well-known local business owner. tonight, so many are heartbroken and shocked that is life and did so vi
with the people picking up the pieces. -- we are live with the people picking up the pieces. >> 7 on u.s. side will give you the information you need to see. >> i and the girl that was videotaped without her knowing it in the hotel. -- i am the gerlach that was videotaped without her knowing in the hotel. >> this is abc 7 news at 11:00 on where side. >> we begin tonight with a mess across maryland. this is a video of a downed tree on top of a car and montgomery county. the severe storms moved into our region today and left behind date allamage tole al across the region. the area that was hardest hit was on and still. -- was inesville. let's go to john with the latest on the damage in friedrichs county. >> it will probably take a day or two to figure out that this was officially a tornado. the neighbors tell us that there was a tornado sirte about 10 years ago. they say the damage tonight is about double. about a dozen homes have been affected. if you can see how much debris has been left behind. -- you can see how much debris has been left behind. some residents are not sure if it was a full b
anything? >> get used to the fact that the president of the united states flew marine want to virginia for me. >> with 81 days until the election, and with virtually every poll, creigh deeds brought out the big guns tonight. >> you have the chance to keep moving forward by electing somebody was cut from the same cloth, somebody who has the same vision for the commonwealth, creigh deeds. >> there were signs, flax, and the cameras raised highet, hundre of local supporters to help obama get a white house packing the mclean hilton. >> it is good to be in virginia, a place that has been good to me. >> after what some considered a stunning primary victory, creigh deeds finds himself trailing republican opponent bob mcdonnell. >> the rally shows that a great president is behind a great man. about the democratic candidate is trying to continue his streak of success in the commonwealth, from back-to-back of interest to the battleground. victory -- to the battleground victory last year. >> both in 2005 and 2008, virginia has been named the best man perched state in america. >> president obama al
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